Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty using injectable fillers is an alternative for individuals looking for limited nasal improvement

Nasal filler injection for nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A nose job is a common term used to refer to medical procedures that cosmetically alter the appearance or airway function of the nose. Rhinoplasty is the equivalent and proper medical terminology. Most rhinoplasty procedures transform the appearance of the nose by surgically adding or removing bone, grafting tissues from other parts of the body, or simply implanting a synthetic material. Enhanced facial appearance with a well-performed rhinoplasty (“nose job”) is highly desirable in modern cultures. In North America, rhinoplasty is one of the five most common plastic surgery procedures performed.

A well-performed surgical rhinoplasty offers a definitive and permanent change in the desired shape of the nose. Furthermore, any functional airway obstruction caused by the nose can be addressed at the same rhinoplasty procedure. However, the benefits of surgical rhinoplasty are at times diminished by the risk, cost, and healing associated with surgery. The widespread adoption and application of injectable soft-tissue facial fillers for cosmetic facial enhancement offers the possibility of a non-surgical nose job for some.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty with the use of injectable fillers is an alternative for individuals who are looking for limited improvement in the appearance of their nose. Note that it is not possible to the improve airway function of the nose with injectable fillers. Dr. Chen Lee recommends hyaluronic acid injectable fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasties. Such well-known brands as Restylane® and Juvederm® are commercially prepared hyaluronic acid-based cosmetic fillers. The duration of effect with injectable hyaluronic acid non-surgical rhinoplasty varies from person to person and the specific project used. Most hyaluronic acid fillers are resorbed by the body within one year of injection. Maintaining the desired nose job with injectable fillers would require periodic reinjection at 6 to 12-month intervals. While not a substitute for cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, a non-surgical nose job offers a less invasive procedure, performed in less than an hour, lower expensive, minimal recovery period, less discomfort, and does not require a specialized surgical facility (e.g. hospital or surgicenter)

Patients desiring non-surgical rhinoplasty must have realistic expectations and understand the need for re-injection at 6 to 12-month intervals to maintain the desired nasal appearance.

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