Breast Reduction

Breast reduction restores proportion and alleviates discomfort

Breast reduction surgery offered by Dr Chen Lee

Reasons Why Large Breasts Are Uncomfortable

Breast size does matter and big may not always be beautiful or comfortable. Some women have the impression that massive breast is a blessing, but those who have them may feel like it’s a curse. Daily physical activity may be limited due to back, shoulder, and neck pain that is associated with having large breasts. In addition, common issues with having enormous breasts are difficulty with fitting into brassieres, t-shirts, and dresses at retail stores.

If you suffer from these issues,  you may feel self-conscious about having large breasts. When men look at you, you may feel like they are looking at your breast and not valuing you as a person. This may unconsciously push your decision to camouflage your breast by wearing loose clothing and/or dropping your shoulders. Resulting in distorting not only your body image but your posture. Fortunately, smaller and firmer breasts are possible with breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction and lift surgery can correct excessive breast weight, size, and droopiness, which can alleviate many discomforts. The breast reduction procedure (known as reduction mammaplasty)  gives an overly top-heavy body shape better proportion while preserving the nice curves that make a woman’s body feminine and beautiful.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Normally, breast reduction surgery is performed on women. However, some men may suffer from breast enlargement medically known as gynecomastia, and can benefit from male breast reduction.

Women with heavy and enormous breasts particularly gigantomastia are excellent candidates for breast reduction and lift surgery. Gigantomastia is a rare connective tissue disorder that makes breasts grow enormously. It has the potential to develop breasts excessively over 600 grams (the average weight of one’s breasts is estimated to be around 200 grams). Studies indicate that gigantomastia appears to be a result of abnormal hormonal activity.

Breast reduction is not only restricted to reducing breast size and firming up the breasts. Some women have abnormally large areolas or nipples. As part of the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Chen Lee may also reduce the size of and enhance the shape of the areola.

Planning Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgical procedure for breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. Two weeks prior to the scheduled breast reduction procedure, patients are advised to stop smoking, avoid alcohol intake, and cease taking medications containing Aspirin.

Dr. Chen Lee encourages patients to plan a 4 weeks recovery period. Most patients must cease to work during this recovery period. Depending on the degree of physical activity required in your work environment, it is occasionally possible to return to gainful employment earlier. For example, a highly motivated patient with uncomplicated surgery might be capable of returning to light office work as early as two weeks following a breast reduction. Strenuous activities like workouts should be avoided for 6 weeks.

Breast Reduction FAQ: Reading answers to common breast reduction surgery questions can provide you with valuable information that you can use during your consultation with Dr. Chen Lee.

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