Learn about some of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures in Montreal

Cosmetic facial plastic surgery is the most sought after and worthwhile unique category of elective procedures in Montreal. Over the past decade, advances in technology have greatly contributed to facial enhancement and reconstruction. Increasing numbers of men and women from different age groups are requesting cosmetic facial plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Different facial plastic surgery procedures have evolved to rejuvenate and give a fresh youthful appearance to a stressed or aged face. These procedures include:

Facelift is a procedure that effectively erases the signs of aging by smoothing the irregular facial contour of an aged face. Appearance is enhanced by the creation of a smooth well-defined neck and jawline.

Rhinoplasty is a corrective cosmetic procedure to reshape the nose and correct a deviated septum. The surgery can be used to establish balance and harmony to the nose and face.

Lip augmentation  with injectable fillers and implants are wonderful options for patients desiring lip enhancement.

Eyelid surgery is an effective means to treat the accumulation of excess fat that causes the eyelids to droop or become puffy. Unwanted fat and skin are surgically excised to create natural-looking upper and lower eyelids.

Forehead lift elevates sagging eyebrows and lifts them into a youthful position.

Achieve Your Desired Outcome

To achieve your desired outcome, Dr. Chen Lee will listen to your objectives and examine your facial features to design a unique facial plastic surgical treatment plan to restore a youthful appearance and fresh look to your face.

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