Prominent Nipple

Prominent nipple reduction is a simple outpatient surgery

What is nipple enlargement?

Nipple enlargement is also known as nipple hypertrophy and results from the developmental enlargement of the lactiferous ductal tissue of the breast. It may present in men and women and is found more often in people of Asian descent. The enlarged nipple may have many shapes including length elongation, prominence, or merely a very wide diameter. Enlargement of the nipple rarely causes symptoms. Affected patients primarily complain of their visibility through clothes and displeasing appearance. Correction by surgical nipple reduction is performed for appearance.

Treatment by Surgical Nipple Reduction

Nonsurgical treatments for nipple enlargement are ineffective. Nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure that can be done under local anesthesia in the office. Once injected, the procedure is painless and performed in less than one hour. Small incisions are made right on the nipple and the excess nipple tissue is removed. Nipple reduction can also be combined with other breast procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lifts. Several techniques exist. Dr. Chen Lee uses the shape and length of the nipple, the degree of nipple prominence, and the patient’s desire to breastfeed in the future to recommend the specific technique. Methods that transect the lactiferous ducts are highly effective and aesthetically pleasing. However, future breastfeeding may not be possible. For patients wishing to breastfeed in the future, duct preservation can be maintained with circumferential removal of a strip of skin around the neck of the nipple. Nipple reduction is more modest however duct continuity increases the likelihood that breastfeeding will be preserved. Nipple sensation is not altered with either technique.

What to expect following nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction is a simple procedure with few risks. One can return to work or other physical activities on the same day. Showering and wetting the nipples are permitted 5 days after surgery. You will have nipple sensitivity. Swelling and bruising are minimal.

Am I a good candidate to have a surgical reduction of an enlarged nipple?

Dr. Chen Lee is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He will perform a complete evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for surgical reduction of an enlarged nipple. For many women, a simple, comfortable procedure under local anesthetic is an incredibly effective solution to the physical and emotional impact of nipple enlargement.

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