Gynecomastia surgery and male breast reduction

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Are you struggling with Gynecomastia?

20% of males during their adolescence commonly develop Gynecomastia. A man’s breast tissue grows and can enlarge into a significant mammary shape that has a feminine form. In most cases, the breast tissue is entirely normal and does not pose a risk to affect your physical health. However, it can impact your self-esteem and create hesitation to participate in daily activities, such as taking off a shirt. Unfortunately, there is no non-surgically method to remove established gynecomastia. Misconceptions of pills, hormones, injections, creams, massages, or exercises deceive hopeful men to get rid of gynecomastia. However, gynecomastia happens for a number of reasons and there is surgery that can permanently remove it.

Why does it happen?

All humans are born with mammary (breast) tissue. This tissue is hormonally sensitive. In females, a rise in estrogen hormones during adolescence leads to the growth and development of mammary tissue into the feminine breast form. Similar hormonal changes occur in male adolescents. However, males have lower levels of estrogen, and mammary development usually does not exceed beyond an area confined by the areola (pigmented-colored skin surrounding the nipple). Commonly in adolescent males, breast development progresses into a more feminine shape and is then termed developmental gynecomastia. Gynecomastia in preadolescent children should be medically investigated. Abnormalities of the pituitary gland or testes may cause gynecomastia. Adult males who develop gynecomastia should be medically evaluated for hormonal imbalances. Potentially, gynecomastia can be caused by recreational drug use (marijuana), medications, illness, or endocrine dysfunction. When “gynecomastia” is unilateral (on one side), this demands a thorough evaluation to rule out male breast cancer. Majority of cases, there is no identifiable cause for male breast enlargement.

How to treat it?

Nonsurgical Correction?

Nonsurgical treatments such as exercise to build the pectoral muscles, special diets, and skin creams do not work. If a medical reason for the gynecomastia is identified, then treatment of the underlying health problem can resolve gynecomastia.

However, the vast majority of adult patients affected with gynecomastia will require surgery. Dr. Chen Lee will customize a surgical plan (liposuction, incisions, excisions) to achieve an aesthetic male form. The plastic surgery techniques for treating gynecomastia are varied and are selected based on the individual’s needs.

Surgical Male Breast Reduction

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Why does it happen?

The procedure may involve the excision of the excess breast gland, fat, skin, or any combination of the three. When breast fat alone predominates and skin elasticity is good, liposuction is often the treatment of choice. When there is a combination of excess fat and breast gland, the combination of liposuction and direct gland removal through a small incision in the areola is appropriate.

Gynecomastia that is associated with excess skin may require additional incisions. Whereas a certain amount of skin contraction or shrinkage is anticipated after gland and fat removal, when there is excessive inelastic skin in gynecomastia, skin reduction with incisions around the areola, or potentially in the infra-mammary crease in more extreme cases is required.

Free yourself from Gynecomastia

After the surgical procedure, small drainage tubes are often placed for a short duration following surgery. The drains are usually removed in the office three or four days after the procedure. A compressive vest is worn for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks after surgery. Return to work is often possible three to five days after gynecomastia surgery. Depending on the magnitude of surgery it may be possible to commence exercise and fitness regiments at 1-2 weeks following surgery.

Removing your gynecomastia can greatly impact your life. No more accommodating your lifestyle for your breast.

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